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Pedia Pain Focus

Oct 8, 2018

In this episode, our guest Peter Shankman, an entrepreneur and major influencer, shares his expertise, tips and hacks on skyrocketing your productivity “getting hours back in your day”, customer satisfaction, and using the power of being neuroatypical to your advantage.

Takeaways In This Episode:

How growth within our company highlighted the relevance of this topic even more

The elements of Strategic Listening, why it is relevant in medicine,

how we tend to listen wrong, and how we can change that

What “Hippie-Dippie” sounding concept makes all the difference in the quality of care you provide

(Hint: It' not only sounds sounds simple, it IS very simple!) 

How to grow an effective conversation with patients and make your clinical encounter productive even when your patients go off on tangents

A simple, effortless thing you could do to change the health outcomes for your patients.

How his own experience with the medical world as a teenager shaped his career and perspective on communication

How you can use your patient interactions to enhance your own growth as a successful healthcare provider. 

How he harnesses the power of his ADHD to use it to his advantage

How you can get enough hours in your day despite your numerous tasks and hectic schedule

How to find your “zone of focus" and direct your own hyperfocus to allow most productivity, 

Importance of finding your triggers for optimal performance

How to best help our patients, or colleagues or ourselves when they/we are neuroatypical, (ADD or ADHD)

Ways you can communicate with your supervisor/boss and create a supportive work environment to maximize productivity.

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