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Pedia Pain Focus

Apr 1, 2018

Limited access to pain care, especially in remote and rural areas, is no surprise and when it comes to pediatric pain care, it’s even more sporadic. My today’s guest, Ardith Doorenbos, MSN, PhD, shares her extensive work using Telemedicine for education, research and clinical care. Also included is your FREE Guide to Setting up Telemedicine Services.

Takeaways from this episode

  • What made her invested in Telemedicine
  • What are some of the expected and unexpected outcomes (cherry on top) and efficiencies of Telemedicine delivered pain care (Hint: it’s way more than just solving the access problem!)
  • How Telemedicine changed the outcomes, and QOL for both the patients AND healthcare providers
  • What 3 specific benefits resulted for healthcare providers
  • Economics of telemedicine for pain care
  • Considerations to determine what model of telemedicine is best for your setting