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Pedia Pain Focus

Dec 18, 2018

There's no doubt that mobile health and apps have revolutionized how we live our lives, from our day to day activities, to conducting business, travel and even our health and fitness. Dr. Jennifer Stinson from Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, creator of the Pain Squad app talks about how m-health can positively impact pediatric pain care, sharing her own experience developing, researching and using this and other relevant apps with children affected by pain. 

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Takeaways in This Episode: 

  • Why it makes perfect sense to use digital technology and mobile apps for pediatric pain (Hint:Harness their innate ability).
  • What elements should be included in a pediatric pain management app 
  • Validation of a pediatric pain app.
  • What is Pain Squad and how it can help your pediatric pain patients?
  • What types of pain can this be used for?
  • Who’s best suited for use of the Pain Squad
  • What unique elements help with enhancement of engagement with a pain care app. What they found as optimal number of questions for engagement, and compliance.
  • Ways for health care personnel to accomplish tech advances for pain and other health care needs (Hint:There are a winning partnership up for grabs)
  • The secret to building and maintaining the apps
  • Advice for HCPs interested in mobile health platform for pain or any healthcare
  • Jaw dropping stats for how often the healthcare professionals are involved with developing the healthcare apps.
  • What future of Pain squad and pediatric pain care apps looks like.

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