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Pedia Pain Focus

Apr 17, 2018

In this episode Dr. Christine Chambers a prolific researcher, clinician, and academician, delves into the issues healthcare providers face with Social Media and online information, how they can effectively use SM for knowledge translation, and effective clinical partnerships.

Takeaways in This Episode:

  • How a 2.5 minute video revolutionized the way Knowledge sharing and translation occurs in medicine
  • What 3 factors led to development of this revolutionary work and how this paves the way for future knowledge sharing with patients and families
  • Unanticipated challenges in putting her ideas into practice and how she found an effective solution to create a video that went viral in multiple languages and continents
  • Obligation of HCP regarding SM, online content and communication
  • Effective strategies for HCP to help parent in navigating this ocean of online information

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