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Pedia Pain Focus

May 1, 2018

We continue our series on technological innovations designed to enhance the way we provide clinical care, deliver and receive information and education to and from our patients and families, leading to increased engagement, compliance and ownership by them. Today we talk to Rachel Trobman, Founder and CEO of OUCHIE an online platform for tracking and effectively managing chronic pain using multimodal treatments. 

Takeaways From This Episode 

  • How a FREE online platform is used for tracking pain, mood, function etc., how it’s used for education, pain management and creation of community for chronic pain patients.


  • How this platform can be used by any HCP for better care of their pain patients and how it can be customized to their particular needs and therapies.


  • What they do to ensure that patients, despite their pain, focus on what they CAN DO, rather than what they can’t.


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