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Pedia Pain Focus

Oct 20, 2021

How does one reconcile the facts that DSM diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder includes pain insensitivity and a high pain threshold,  while these children report that their clothes feel like sand paper and their fingers while shampooing feel like sharp metal? 

Join me in this episode to look at where the truth lies, with emerging evidence that helps us better understand the relationship between pain and ASD, what if anything is different about pain among children with ASD, and how we should approach pain issues amongst these children!


Takeaways in This Episode

  • What constitutes Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Prevalence of ASD
  • Historical beliefs around ASD and pain, and contributing factors for those beliefs 
  • Current and emerging literature  around ASD and pain
  • What Stimulus over-reactivity is and how that plays out in ASD
  • Genetics evidence around ASD and pain
  • Summarizing ASD and pain among children and considerations for accurate assessment and effective treatment



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